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From outdoor major sports, a local Sunday league football game or any level of indoor sports we can put an awesome live stream together for you.

Your regular church service or even your big day (Wedding, Christening etc.) we can get your occasion out to your congregation or friends and family, all over the world.

Company presentations, training, delivering that key message around the globe. From small to global companies we can produce the delivery you need.

Fitness classes, weight management groups, educational classes, we can enable the interaction with your members and allow them to chat and comment online during the broadcast. Let them share good news with the group, get moral support!

In times where sponsors are hard to retain a live event stream can really make a difference. People often air a concern about ticket sales vs online views, whilst a valid question we’ve always seen that when we work with you to understand your fans you see an initial spike in online views without an impact to ticket sales but those online followers become attendees at the event very quickly seeing return on investment of the stream production.

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At times when coming together is more challenging than ever Live Streaming could really help you keep contact with people, share those important messages and moments and retain your members.

Velo29 Use Case – Cycling Events

We’ve organised a series of non-pro cycle races for a decade now and seen spectator and rider numbers drop due to competition and drifting to other sports. Our sponsors need the reach and we need the ticket sales so we approached Live Event Stream to see what they could do. After some planning sessions and site visits we agreed a really awesome setup where they would film from 2 x Camera Motor Bikes which they provided out on the circuit, a drone with pilot and 3 x static cameras. They arranged a really great commentary team which sat with the producer in a trailer they brought with them.

The quality of the stream was amazing, even in the terrible weather we had. They took care of everything, from pre-race interviews, sponsor art work, the production of the stream and gave us a HD recording at the end.

I was amazed that such a production fitted our budget, it was like watching the Tour de France! We hit record numbers on the circuit and got around 10k views per week! This is modest level winter racing, I was amazed so many people watched it!

James Sullivan
Velo29 Events

James Sullivan from Velo29 Events
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