Church Services

We have experience of streaming Church services, from a simple single camera setup to more complex multi-cam and various audio inputs. In times and locations where the congregation is hard to retain a new medium of contact can really help and be part of bringing people into the Church.

From a Sunday morning service to a major ceremony we can get your service out all over the World for you.

Equally Christenings, Weddings and of course sensitive times such as a funeral can be streamed. There are all kinds of reasons which people could not attend in person but it’s important for them to be part of the ceremony. We can stream reliable, stable and produced sensitively to your friends and family.

live-stream of a church service
church service recording and live streaming
praise and worship live stream
chruch wedding ceremony live streamed

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At times when coming together is more challenging than ever Live Streaming could really help you keep contact with people, share those important messages and moments and retain your members.